Bleu chose is an artisanal and lifestyle ready-to-wear brand based in Paris which offers an unfettered closet.

Born from the desire to ally aesthetic, wellbeing and expression without compromising quality and durability. The collections are dictated by creation rather than consumption, and are rooted in an integrated production.

Inspired by cultural mix, vintage sportswear and workwear pieces curated by the designer, Bleu Chose offers a timeless style which blurs boundaries between gender.

The brand is empowered by its image and values, uniting an inclusive and diverse community of people, committed to their choices and conscious of what they wear.

Each collection is composed of essential pieces paired with unique upcycled creations. All collections are designed and made in France with materials carefully selected.


Searching for a distinct and liberated style, the designer Meryl Flambert started picking in her older brother’s closet at an early age.

Graduated from Studio Berçot in Paris in 2012, she has worked at a luxury brand, where she gained a sharp style and a high expectation for detail & quality.

Her favorite color is blue, echoing our dear planet. Her passion is to create, create things.

Bleu Chose has taken shape since 2019.